Saturday, March 01, 2014

Is it "March" yet?

We have a tradition in Greece called "March" (Martis in greek), has its roots in Ancient Greece and its conected with the Eleusinian Mysteries. The initiates of the Mysteries tied a thread called "weft" on their right hand or their left ankle.
According to pupular tradition from the 1st untill the 31st of the month, kids wear on their wrist a bracelet made from twisted red and white thread and it's called "March". It is said that the bracelet protects their faces from the first sun of Spring.
"March" isn't something only human beings used to wear. In some places, they used to hang a thread on a rose bush because it was said that it would bloom faster. In some other places, they would wear the bracelet untill they first shallows show. Afterwards, they would take it off and leave it on a rose bush (again) but this time not for the roses but for the birds, in order to take it and build their nest with it.

Truth is i hadn't worn a "March" in a long long time, but this year i decided to make one for me and one for my sister... i ended up making a bunch of them though (hoho)

How about you? Do you have any similar traditions to this?

P.S: Have a nice month y'all and happy spring!!

P.S2: The photo kinda sucks but my camera was bitching at me... biiig time! Oh well...!


  1. I am wearing mine too again this year!AriadnefromGreece!

    1. Me too!! To tell you the truth i was soooooooooo close to wear one on my dog too! hehehehe

  2. nice and interesting post:) please visit me in free time:)