Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Secret Santa!!

A while ago the girls from Etsy Greek Street Team decided to organize a Secret Santa gift exchange. The main idea is that after a random selection you send a handmade gift to a team member and you also recieve a gift from another team member, which is really cool and also exciting (we all know how much i love gifts)! A couple days ago i recieved my giftie! I got really really excited when i opened the front door and i saw the little envelope there.
My secret Santa was Maria Damanaki from DaManoMadebyhands. The gift was a handpainted scarf in bluish colors, it's very very soft and pretty (as you can see i love it!!). So, a huuuuge thank you to Maria for the Xmas gift and i hope she liked mine* as well. 

How about you? Did you send out any gifts? Or did you recieve any cool ones yet?

Ps: As a matter of fact i was Maria's Secret Santa this yeat hehehe.
Ps2: If you have an etsy store, EGST is one of the ones you definitely have to be a member of!


  1. Hi:) Just letting you know that you've been nominated on Liebster Blog Award:) You can read more here:


  2. Hey there!!!

    Thanks a lot for the nomination!
    Will answer soon!! <3